Required Books 

1. Strategic Spiritual Warfare, ISBN: 07852-7972-5. 

 A great war is being waged in the spiritual world: a personal battle between the flesh and the spirit, a social battle greatly influenced by the forces of evil, a spiritual battle against evil supernatural powers. This course will train the students strategically on how to arms themselves.

 2. Experiencing God, (Knowing and Doing the Will of God) Author Henry T. Blackaby & Claude V. King ISBN: 080540197-0. This class challenges Christians to experience the fullness of a life lived in a fellowship with the loving, personal God. It teaches how God reveals Himself to each of us in special and exceptional ways. This class is designed to show the student how to deepen their own personal relationship with God.

3. Sharpen Your Discernment, Author Roberts Liardon

ISBN: 1-5778-029-9. Because When Life Looks Grey It's Really Black & White Spiritual Discernment is a vital part of your being. In this book, Roberts Liardon shows you that life really is Black and White. He will explain how to listen to the wisdom and experience God has already built into your life, as well as helping you understand discernment and how you can begin to powerfully use it in every area of your life. 

 4. The Work of A Chaplain, Authors Naomi K. Paget & Janet R. McCormack. ISBN: 978-0-8170-1499-5. 

 Do you feel led to ministry outside the walls of the church? This class uncovers the historical and biblical foundations for chaplaincy. The student will explore the universal chaplaincy issues of accountability, privacy, personal ethics, spiritual assessment, and self-care. 

  5. Prayer, Author Dr. Myles Munroe ISBN: 0-88368-442-X. 

 Student will learn the biblically based, time tested principle of prayer. It will transform the way they pray. Students will enter into a new dimension of faith, a deeper revelation of God’s love, and a renewed understanding that their prayers can truly move the hand of God.

6. Worship Believers Experiencing God, Author Henry (Praise & Worship) Blackaby & Ron Owens. ISBN: 0-7673-9378-3. 

This six week interactive study presents a process where God brings you face to face with His truth, then guides you to an interaction with that truth. This study brings the pastor, staff, church leaders, and congregation to a mutual conviction regarding what worship is as God has revealed it in His word. The purpose of this study is to help a church corporately come to unity of heart and life in their understanding and experience of God’s requirements and standards for worship.

7. The Blood Speaks, Author Ezekiel Benson ISBN-13:9781501016493 Understanding What the Blood Is Saying, How to Agree with It and Release Its Power to Work for You. Discover: Why the Blood of Jesus is unique - The Power in the Blood Seal. - How the Blood Seal came on you at salvation and its importance in your life. - The mystery in the Blood language - decoding the Blood language. - What the Blood is saying at all times - How to agree with what the Blood of Jesus is saying. - And how to release its supernatural power by word of mouth to work in your favour and for Blood of Jesus. Learn how you can activate, release, demonstrate and manifest the power in the Blood of Jesus to change any situation to your advantage.